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Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) is the first overseas campus set up by a renowned Chinese university and the first Chinese university branch campus in Malaysia.

Its 150-acre campus, located near Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Putrajaya, the government administrative center of Malaysia, is the biggest among private universities in Malaysia. The campus inherits the unique "Tan Kah Kee architectural style" in line with the three campuses of Xiamen University in China. The planned total floor space is 470,000 m2 with a total investment of RM 1.3 billion. The campus will be constructed in three phases. The Phase I project, with RM 0.8 billion investment and 13 buildings of 260,000 m2 floor space, has been completed. Phase II project, consisting of 11 buildings, has begun construction, while Phase III project has been planned.

XMUM welcomed its pioneer batch of students on 22nd February 2016. Currently, it has a student enrolment of about 5,020 students from 28 countries and regions, such as Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Zambia, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Currently, XMUM offers 16 undergraduate degree programmes, i.e. Chinese Studies, Journalism, International Business, Accounting, Finance, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Digital Media Technology, New Energy Science and Engineering, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Advertising. It offers 2 master's programmes, i.e. Master of Business Administration and Master of Chinese Studies, as well as two foundation programmes, which are Foundation in Science and Foundation in Arts and Social Science. With the exception of Chinese Studies and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are taught in English and Chinese, all other programmes are taught in English.

By choosing to study at XMUM, student will benefit particularly from:

· Perfect integration of China's elements with international education through teaching in English

· Strong competitive advantage in taking part in economic, cultural and technological exchanges between China and countries along the Belt and Road Initiative

· Campus culture and quality education resources introduced from a renowned Chinese university with a long history of academic excellence

· A wide range of general electives to nurture interdisciplinary talents capable of meeting new challenges in a changing world

On 21st January 2013, XMU received an official invitation from the Malaysian government to open a branch campus in Malaysia. On 4th October of the same year, in the presence of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, an agreement on China Development Bank’s all-round support for the construction of XMUM was signed. The ground breaking ceremony of XMUM was held on 3rd July 2014.

XMU, founded by the Malaysian Chinese, Mr. Tan Kah Kee in 1921, is the first Chinese university to be founded by an overseas Chinese and is now well-known as "Strength of the South" in China. It enjoys the privileged support from Ministry of Education China for participation in "Project 211" and "Project 985". It is ranked 46th in Asia in the“2018 Best Global Universities Ranking”published by US News and World Report, and 9th in China by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018. On the establishment of XMUM, former XMU President Zhu Chongshi said that it is "a historic reciprocation" for XMU to set up a campus in Malaysia where Mr. Tan Kah Kee enjoyed an illustrious career.

Even though XMUM is registered as a private university in Malaysia, it is committed to upholding Mr. Tan Kah Kee's spirit of selfless dedication to the noble cause of education, building the branch campus into a non-profit institution with the honourable intention of giving back to society. Any surplus in the future will be channelled back to the university for research, students' scholarships and further development of the campus.

In preserving the educational philosophy that emphasizes on both teaching and research, XMUM endeavours to respect students' individuality, develop students' potential, and nurture students' professional and comprehensive capability through lectures, academic and practical activities as well as promoting a variety of campus cultural events.

This number XMUM's student enrolment is expected to grow to 6,000 in 2020; and eventually, to reach the maximum capacity of 10,000 students. The majority of students will be from Malaysia and China as well as other countries along the Belt and Road Initiative in line with XMUM's vision of forming a multi-cultural campus. At least 30% of the teaching staff will be distinguished professors from XMU China, while the rest of the lecturers will be high quality talents recruited around the world, with at least 80% of faculty possessing PhD degrees.

The inauguration of XMUM has generated great support from Malaysian and Chinese governments as well as from the citizens of Malaysia and China. XMUM is grateful for the endorsement and financial support from various parties as well as influential individuals culminating in the establishment of the campus. XMUM aspires to become a university with a distinct global outlook, featuring first-class teaching and research, and embracing cultural diversity. XMUM strives to nurture young talents with dignity and wisdom, turning them into fine citizens of the region who will make contribution to the prosperity of the people and social progress of Malaysia, China and other countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.


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