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​The Global E3 Program (GE3)
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The Global E3 Program (GE3) is a consortium-based exchange program for undergraduate engineering students to study abroad and carry out internships worldwide, all while continuing to pay tuition at home.    

Recognizing a growing demand for internationally-experienced engineering graduates, a group of leading universities around the world established the Global E3 in 1995. Global E3 allows engineering students at member universities to enjoy a fulfilling study abroad experience. Engineering students at participating universities are encouraged to apply to study at any eligible overseas member university. With members in over 20 countries, students at Global E3 member institutions can choose to study abroad at international institutions for a single semester or for an academic year. The Global E3 Program exchanges 250 - 300 students a year.

Students are nominated by their home institution and receive credit at home for academic work completed abroad. They study overseas in a member institution for one or two semesters, typically in their junior year.

Integral to the program is intensive language instruction and the opportunity for students to undertake a practical, paid internship in an industrial setting or laboratory in the host country. The internship component is an especially valuable element in strengthening the international and professional competency of the students, as well as a unique opportunity for host companies to become acquainted with these talented young people at an early stage in their careers.

The program is competitive, selecting only the most promising students with sufficient language ability to successfully complete coursework overseas and engage in a meaningful work experience in industry. In order to expand the opportunities for outstanding students with minimal foreign language ability, some members outside the United States provide instruction in English as well as the home country language.

So far, the Consortium has over 70 schools of engineering from around the world and is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

Website: http://globale3.org/