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Worldwide Energy University Network (WEUN)
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Brief Review


Worldwide Energy University Network (hereafter referred to as WEUN) is a non-legally binding voluntary membership organization of research universities, brought together by a shared strategic interest in research, innovation, education and internationalization in the field of energy. WEUN was established at a conference on the 22nd September 2018 in Beijing initiated by its founder China University of Petroleum-Beijing (CUPB), through the representatives of the first cohort of 28 founding member universities.

The name of the network in Chinese is: 世界能源大学联盟.

The name of the network in English is: Worldwide Energy University Network (WEUN).

Activities of WEUN are conducted within the range of this Constitution, and in accordance with all applicable international laws, and the laws and regulations of the countries where each WEUN member operates.

WEUN is chaired by a chairing member university for a 4-year renewable term on a rotation basis. The current chairing institution is CUPB, and the location of the WEUN Secretariat is in China University of Petroleum-Beijing, located in No.18 Fuxue Road, Changping District, Beijing, China, 102249.


The primary purpose of WEUN is to create a global platform for communication and collaboration among and between the WEUN member universities in research, innovation and education in the field of energy.


To build a platform for the exchange of educational information, best practices and academic resources on energy-related issues.

To leverage access to expertise and facilities and collaborate on basic and applied research in the field of energy, and to setup joint labs or centers as interests grow.

To coordinate energy-related international cooperation in joint degree education, student and faculty exchange, summer courses or schools, and training programs.

To promote and advertise member universities within the countries of member universities to improve their visibility and recognition and enhance their prestige in those countries.

To organize academic conferences or seminars to address challenges facing the energy world and energy education.

Webiste: http://www.cup.edu.cn/weun/english/