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​【Distinguished XMUer】Gao Yucong: The “Most Beautiful Volunteer” of Lei Feng Volunteer Service in Fujian Province in 2018
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[Introduction] Gao Yucong, female, a member of the Communist Party of China, was from the postgraduate cohort of 2018 of the School of Law, Xiamen University (XMU). She once served as a courtesy volunteer for the BRICS Xiamen Summit in September 2017, and won the honorary titles of "National Outstanding Volunteer" and "Provincial Advanced Individual" for the meeting preparation and logistics service. In 2018, she was titled as the "Most Beautiful Volunteer" in the Fujian Province Lei Feng Volunteer Service Models Selection. In addition to all these feats, with an excellent academic and outstanding performance, she was awarded "the 13th China University Student of the Year" (finalist), the university-level "Merit Student", etc.

To advocate the volunteer spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual benefits and progress, Fujian Province initiated the Lei Feng Volunteer Service Models Selection activity in 2018, which included the choosing of the most beautiful volunteers, the best volunteer service projects, the best volunteer service organizations, and the most beautiful volunteer service. Through the promotion of 11 departments including the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Provincial Party Committee Civilization Office, and with the evaluation of experts and public appraisal, Gao won the title of "The Most Beautiful Volunteer".

In September 2017, the 9th BRICS Summit was staged at Xiamen, during which Gao served as a courtesy volunteer at the Minnan Grand Theatre. Before the Xiamen meeting volunteers officially determined their posts, she already participated in the preparatory work for the volunteer service as a student backbone. In order to timely and accurately report nearly 24,000 pieces of personal information of more than 1,200 XMU volunteers, Gao often worked with the staff of the preparatory team to midnight. Since the personal information of the volunteers needed to be highly confidential, she had to verify the photos of all volunteers by herself, and managed to complete the work in a highly efficient manner within two days. The rate at which this was completed was the first of its kind in the city. In the self-training of volunteers at XMU, Gao assisted the preparatory team to organize training courses for more than 1,200 volunteers, and innovatively applied the "Clock Punch" method to ensure the class attendance, which greatly reduced the workload of the preparatory team and enhanced the training effect. In the volunteer focused training of Xiamen City, she led the students of XMU Youth Volunteers Association to check the seating plan of the training venue, and clearly drew a seat map marking 1956 effective seats for the reference of the preparatory team. "Although the task is not easy, it is very meaningful to contribute a share to the meeting." Gao said.

Given the high level of the BRICS Summit, extremely high demands were imposed on the various tasks involved. Gao's pragmatic attitude, meticulous work methods, outstanding on-the-spot organization and coordination skills, and flexible work attitudes made it possible to achieve zero mistake and zero error during the preparatory work for volunteers in Xiamen. The work of the project shows that today's young people have ideals, skills and dedication. Although she faced numerous difficulties during the meeting, she enjoyed it. "As students at Xiamen University, we had the opportunity to participate directly in this event. Through this volunteer service, we not only showed the world the youth of China, but also felt the power of our motherland. I am really proud."

"The pretty figure, the kind smile, the warm words", this is Gao in the eyes of many volunteers, and her classmates affectionately call her "Little Sun". In the intensive training of volunteers in Xiamen City, she served as the host. On the stage, with her abundant hosting experience and elegant temperament, she exuded confidence and expressed fluency. She could always focus everyone's attention on the course training. Her proficiency in controlling every link and time made such large-scale training progress smoothly. Moreover, friendly, lively and optimistic, she took the initiative to undertake the teacher's work in the physical class, not only helping correct the volunteers' movements by hand, but also encouraging the students to keep improving and striving for perfection, constantly reminding them to keep the mission in mind, and influencing the surroundings with positive energy, and thus had a high prestige among the students.

As a volunteer representative of XMU, she was successfully selected to be part of the official video filming team of the Xiamen Summit volunteers, thanks to her confident, natural and smooth oral expression. She also participated in the entire recording of the Xiamen volunteer song "Sunshine in the Wind and Rain", and fully presented the beautiful image of today's young people willing to contribute to the society and full of positive energy. With her understanding of volunteer selection, training, preparation work and good communication skills, she was also selected as the volunteer representative of the "Little Egret" in Xiamen to be aired on CCTV-13 "Zhaowen Tianxia" and participate in the National Day special program recording on CCTV-1. In September 2017, as the only representative of the Chinese volunteers in Xiamen Summit, she accepted CCTV's "BRICS in 48 Hours" live interview, telling the story of the "Little Egret" volunteer selection, training and field exercises in Xiamen, such as placing the chopstick between the teeth and standing upright against the wall, and thus showed the world the good characters of contemporary Chinese college students of undertaking responsibility, studying diligently, and pursuing excellence.

With the knowledge and experience accumulated in the Xiamen Summit, Gao continued to serve for other events. In the volunteer service work for the 4th China "Internet Plus" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Gao actively shared her knowledge of providing volunteer service in large-scale games with her peers, and helped the volunteers better understand the service requirements in the large-scale competition by real stories and simulation exercises. Hundreds of hours of small and specific volunteer services, such as services for library's "Book Restoration", for "Law Classrooms in Yanwu No.2 Primary School" and for traffic guide on the Huandao Road, had also made Gao realize that volunteer activities are not just about organizing big projects that involve thousands of people and preparations of days and nights, but a wide range of specific and small activities in daily life that focus on the needs of common people. And volunteer service can also become a natural way of life. "Volunteer service itself is a form of good labor education and experience. It helps in shaping the mindset of the youth with regards to labor, and harvests the precious qualities of struggle and selfless dedication." Volunteer service planted goodness in Gao's heart. "Every act should be a heartfelt voluntary behavior with proactiveness, not asking for favors in return. This is the most precious original aspiration of volunteers." Gao said.

At the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, President Xi Jinping sent a message to the youth. "The young people of the new era must be brave in their struggles. Struggling is the most beautiful image of youth, and they should strive to be a socialist builder of all-round development of morality, intelligence, art and work." College students in the new era should continue to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues of diligence, courage and hard work. Bearing in mind the entrustment and expectation of the Party and the people, we must not only do a good job in the "compulsory course" of labor education, but also stimulate more power for good with enthusiasm, strive to work hard with the people, advance and dedicate to the motherland our youthfulness while serving the people wholeheartedly!