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XMU Retirees Attend Activities Held for Double Ninth Festival
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On the morning of October 15, Xiamen University held the "2021 Autumn Hiking in Celebration of the Double Ninth Festival for XMU Retirees", attracting over 400 seniors. It is also the XMU branch of the citywide hiking events.


A cool and dry morning is best for autumn hiking. At 8 a.m., the seniors followed the planned route, circled up the hill from the Xishan Gate of the University and passed by the South Gate of Xiamen’s Botanical Garden to the National Defense Park and got back to the starting point.

A free clinic took place at Xishan Gate, the starting point of the hiking event, received great welcome from the seniors. Experts and medical staff of cardiovascular, endocrinology, orthopedic and urology sent by the Xiang’an Hospital and Xiamen University Hospital gave a careful medical examination to them.

Xiamen University Hospital sent medical staff and ambulances to the site to ensure a smooth event. In addition, the security department, the Logistics Service Department and the Assets Management Department also supported the event.

On October 14th, the exact date of Double Ninth Festival, the University held the Retirees’ Artworks Exhibition in celebration of the festival in the Ziqin Building. Vice President Zhou Dawang, former University leader Bian Shouqi, Secretary of University Youth League Committee and Party Secretary of School of Journalism and Communication Zeng Zheng, Director of the Office of Retirees Zeng Kunyu, Deputy Director Zhou Yiqin, Deputy Director of Publicity Office,Deputy Director of General Education, and Deputy Director of University Academic Affairs Office Lou Hongying, Vice Secretary of University Youth League Committee Zhou Linqi, Vice President of XMU Senior University Li Daogen, and representatives from Senior University and Calligraphy and Painting Society attended the exhibition.

The exhibition put over 80 subjects of artworks created by seniors on display. Since the centenary of the founding of the XMU coincides with the centenary of the founding of CPC, the elderly people expressed their passionate praise for the countryaffectionate blessing for the University, and the experiences of happiness in their lives in different art forms. Their works include calligraphy, traditional Chinese paintings, papercuts, hand-woven crafts, photographs and oil paintings.

On October 13th, when the Double Ninth Festival, China's Seniors' Day, approaches, President Xi Jinping extended festive greetings to the nation's seniors. In a talk on the country’s support to the elderly people, he called for great efforts to promote the traditional virtue of filial piety and deep respect for seniors. He pledges to make all elderly people benefit from the country’s reform and development and ensure happy lives in their twilight years. Under the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the art exhibition promoted the fine tradition of showing respect and care to the elderly people. It also enriches cultural activities of the University and demonstrates the healthy and positive lifestyle of the elderly people.

        The traditional Double Ninth Festival in China is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar every year, thus deriving its name "Double Ninth", also known as Chongyang Festival. Traditionally, it's a time when families gather to hike up hills, drink chrysanthemum wines, eat Chongyang cakes, and wear cornels, but that's only one part of the story. The day is also seen as an opportunity to care for and appreciate the elderly.