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A Study Tour of Xiamen University's History for International Faculty
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From April 27 to 28, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange organized a study tour for international faculty in Changting to raise their awareness of XMU history.

In the afternoon of April 27, the group went to Changting Science and Education Museum of Soil Erosion Control. Through videos and exhibitions, they learned the development and achievements of soil erosion control made by Changting County,  under the personal guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The international faculty listened attentively and were amazed by the firm determination and effective measures taken by the Chinese government to protect ecological environment.

On the 28th, the group visited the one-time site of XMU in Changting and the former residence of President Pen-Tung Sah. They learned about the university's remarkable achievements in academic and scientific research and its wide social influence despite the hard times of the War of Resistance. They were impressed by the fact that the university had continued to nurture many outstanding scholars, politicians, and business elites during its temporary move to Changting and was deeply moved by the spirit of "self-betterment" of the university and the selfless dedication of President Pen-Tung Sah and other predecessors. They also gained a deeper understanding of the university's reputation as the "Strength of the South". Listening carefully and raising questions from time to time, the international faculty had an informative and lively discussion with local guides and OICE staff.

When exchanging their learning experiences, the international faculty stated that they had benefited enormously from this study tour, and that they had strengthened their sense of belonging to XMU.

(This event was covered by China Daily, China Youth Daily, and several other media.


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Translation by Wang Jinhan, Lin Tengju