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2022 Zhi-Xing China: Xiamen University Global Young Leaders Program
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2022 Zhi-Xing China: Xiamen University Global Young Leaders Program is co-hosted by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and School of Journalism and Communication.



The theme of the event is Digital China and Sustainable Development—Maritime and Postal Roads. Based on the geographical advantage of Fujian province, the event aims to explores the modern development of the Maritime Silk Road and its positive role in the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.


Form of the Activity

The activity focuses on enhancing international understanding and cross-cultural communication. Adopting a combination of topic learnings, fieldworks and innovative practices, the event provide a chance for students to document the history of China's interaction with the world by pictures and videos, presenting a comprehensive perspective.

Four outstanding students (2 international students +2 Chinese students) from Xiamen University will be selected to form a group to explore the past and present of “21st Century Maritime Silk Road by writing and video shooting after fieldworks. Photos and graphic reports, short videos and Vlogs are encouraged.



The event will be divided into two parts:

1. Topic Learning

1.1 Overseas Chinese in South Fujian Province and the Culture of Maritime Silk Road

1.2 Carved Lacquerware, Shadow-carved Sculptures and Kraak Ware in Fujian Province

1.3 The Art and Technique of Visual Narration

2. Fieldwork (depending on the situation of the Pandemic)

2.1 Quanzhou Maritime Museum, Fujian

2.2 Ancient Wharf from Song and Yuan Dynasty when Quanzhou was considered as the center of international trades

2.3 Places of cultural communication at Quanzhou from Song and Yuan Dynasty

2.4 Kraak Ware Exhibition at Pinghe County, Zhangzhou

2.5 Kay Yew Fin Tienit,Zhangzhou (China’s earliest postal office, which was built by Pilipino Overseas Chinese in Qing Dynasty )

2.6 Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Fuzhou

2.7 Foochow Ship-building Institution (the First Naval School in Modern China)

2.8 First Class Postal Office, Xiamen


Application Requirements

1. Students with good moral characters, good health in body and mind and no records of violations of disciplines and laws;

2. Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students at XMU with excellent academic performance;

3. Students with strong leadership, teamwork spirit, research ability, good communication skills in Chinese and competent spoken and writing skills in English; Candidates with photographic and video shooting experience are preferred.

4. Students with strong interests in the event and are willing to share.

We also need to recruit 2 reporters of the event. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, candidates must have strong interview skills, shooting and editing skills and good communication and writing skills both in English and Chinese.



No fees will be charged for the event. The organizer will bear the expenses incurred for lectures, transportation, accommodation and fees for fieldworks.


Application Methods

Please fill in the application form (Attachment 2) and send to ucmsr@xmu.edu.cn before March 22. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Lin, Tel. 2187275, or Ms. Li, Tel. 2188331.



2. Application form

Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

March 15, 2022