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XMU holds International Academic Seminar on Overseas Chinese in Thailand and Sino-Thai Relationship

XMUICE    Author:ICE    Public Date:2017/5/27

  On May 16, the International Academic Seminar on Overseas Chinese in Thailand and Sino-Thai Relationship was held at No. 7 Conference Room, Arts and Science Center, Xiamen University. The seminar was co-hosted by Xiamen University and Prince of Songkla University (Phuket Campus), organized by the School of International Relations and Research School for Southeast Asian Studies and received support from Royal Thai Consulate General in Xiamen.
  There were mainly three topics for this roundtable forum, namely "maritime silk road and Sino-Thai cultural communication", "the Chinese in southern Thailand and Sino-Thai non-governmental exchanges" and "overseas Chinese in Thailand and Sino-Thai relationship". 16 experts from Xiamen University, Prince of Songkla University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Maejo University and Shantou Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese have given speeches on these topics.
  The scholars engaged in in-depth discussions covering a wide range of issues including the maritime silk road and Chinese immigrants, the culture of the Chinese in Thailand, the contribution of the Chinese in Thailand to local development, Sino-Thai cultural communication, the Belt and Road Initiatives, the development of Sino-Thai Relationship and the cultural connections between Fujian and Phuket.
  Prof. Shi Xueqin and Mr. Mr.tajtai Tmangraksat summarized the seminar and expressed their hopes to strengthen the academic communication and collaboration between XMU and the universities in Thailand, and to push forward the advancement of research on Thailand in XMU and promote the cultural and local exchanges between China and Thailand.

Edited by: Wang Xu


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