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XMU leaders make inspection trip to Malaysia Campus

XMUICE    Author:ICE    Public Date:2017/5/22

  In early May, Lai Hongkai, Deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission went to Malaysia to inspect the construction of Malaysia Campus, and he also took the occasion to make a tour to Singapore to attend the activities to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Mr. Lee Seng Gee, the late chairman of the Lee Foundation
  In Malaysia, accompanied by Wang Ruifang, President of the XMU Malaysia Campus, Mr Lai mainly examined the infrastructure of the campus, teaching affairs, student management, personnel recruitment, asset logistics, information construction and the like.
  Lai Hongkai gave his full recognition on the achievements of the first-phase construction, and worked together with technical staff to seek appropriate solutions to the problems arising in the project. He encouraged those involved in this construction work in abroad to defy all odds, try to wrap up the Phase One project at an earlier date, and sum up the experience before they set in motion the Phase Two Project, making sure the mission gets accomplished in full compliance with the quality and quantity standards on schedule.
  In Singapore, Lai Hongkai attended the commemorative activity of Mr. Lee Seng Gee and delivered a memorial speech on behalf of Xiamen University. Following in the steps of his maternal grandfather Mr. Tan Kah Kee , the founding father of XMU, and his father Mr. Lee Kong Chian, Mr. Lee Seng Gee dedicated himself to the advancement of education, sparing no efforts to shore up the development of Xiamen University. His lofty personality and magnanimous donation will forever be hailed as a shining example for XMUers for generations to come. According to statistics, the cumulative donations made by the Lee Foundation to XMU has amounted to a whopping 200 million yuan in total.

Edited by Meng Ling & Li Ziruo

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