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Summit Forum on Construction of Sociology and Postgraduate Education held at XMU

XMUICE    Author:ICE    Public Date:2017/4/30

  The Summit Forum on the Construction of Sociology and Postgraduate Education was organized and held at the School of Public Affairs, Xiamen University on April 22. Attending the forum were academic leaders of sociology and scholars from such prestigious universities as Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University and Nanjing University and some teachers and postgraduates from the department of sociology of XMU. Professor Hu Rong, Deputy dean of the XMU School of Public Affairs, presided over the opening ceremony.
  The forum consisted of five parts including the disciplinary construction under the background of "Double Top-tier" initiative, sociology graduate program, discipline evaluation, the construction of sociology, the theories of sociology and the experience of the postgraduate education in sociology in abroad.
  As early as 1924, Xiamen University established the department of historical sociology, making it one of the earliest universities that offer sociology majors. Since then, XMU has invariably attached great importance to the construction and development of sociology. Through years of progress and growth, multiple research areas have been opened up in this realm, including rural sociology, cultural sociology, social policy, environmental sociology, immigrant sociology. The successful organization of this forum is not only conducive to the academic exchanges among sociology scholars, but also beneficial to the development of sociology of Xiamen University.

Edited by: Wang Xu


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