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Chinese and Indonesian youth delegation makes study and exchange trip to XMU

XMUICE    Author:ICE    Public Date:2017/4/23

  On the morning of April 13,a 55-member delegation of Chinese and Indonesian youths made a study and exchange visit to XMU. Headed by Dyah Retno Andrini, an official of East Asia division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia , and officials of the Embassy of the People´s Public of China in the Republic of Indonesia, the visiting group consisted of Indonesian officials, student representatives from prestigious Indonesian universities, as well as teachers and students from the colleges and universities of Fujian Province.
  Yu Hongbo, Deputy director of International Affairs, introduced to the visitors the history and status quo of XMU, the cooperation and exchanges between Indonesian colleges and universities and XMU, Indonesian overseas student scholarship and international student scholarship, information concerning English programs, and in particular the information on Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUMC). According to Yu, there is so far about 120 Indonesian overseas students studying in more than 10 colleges of XMU such as the Overseas Education College, the School of Economics, and the Medical College, the number is second only to that of Thai and Indian students. Ms. Yu hoped that the delegation could take the occasion to get a better picture of Xiamen University and welcomed them to further study in XMU and XMUMC.
  Ms. Dyah Retno Andrini, on behalf of the delegation, expressed her thanks for XMU´s hospitality and noted that this exchange activity would serve as a great opportunity to foster mutual understanding between Chinese and Indonesian youths. She hoped that this activity could propel the cooperation and exchanges between XMU and Indonesian higher institutions. Subsequently, the representatives of XMU teachers and students and Indonesian student representatives had an exchange of views on topics such as student life, course setting, scholarships and flow of students. After the talk, the visitors went sightseeing around the gorgeous XMU campus in the company of the staff of the International Affairs Office of XMU.

Edited by Meng Ling & Li Ziruo


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