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German Mayor heads delegation on visit to XMU

XMUICE    Author:ICE    Public Date:2017/4/21

  On April 11, a delegation led by Wolfram Harald Otto Leibe, Mayor of Trier, Germany, paid a visit to XMU.
  Zhu Chongshi, President of XMU, extended a warm welcome to the delegation. President Zhu pointed out that Xiamen and Trier, the two sister cities, resemble each other in many ways. As the most prestigious universities of both cities, Xiamen University and Trier University,have established extensive and in-depth cooperation with each other. So far both universities have carried out a wide range of activities including the co-construction of German Department in the XMU College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, exchanges of visits between teachers and students, joint research and University Day, etc. Meanwhile, both sides have vigorously promoted the sisterhood of both cities, as well as the cooperation in education, economy and trade between Xiamen and Trier.
  Mayor Leibe expressed gratitude to XMU´s hospitality and hoped to take the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx´s birth to enhance partnership between two sides. President Zhu echoed and noted that XMU is about to send a batch of young scholars of Marxism to Trier, the hometown of Marx, for academic exchanges. Meanwhile, a symposium on Marxism and its theories will be held by both schools in honor of Marx. Moreover, as the year of 2018 happens to be the tenth anniversary the Confucius Institute co-founded by both sides, by then XMU will arrange to send its symphony orchestra to Trier for cultural communication activities.

  Next, Vice President Zhan Xinli, together with several notable alumni entrepreneurs had a talk with the Trier delegation. Both sides exchanged thoughts and experiences with regard to the opportunities and challenges facing both schools and cities.

Edited by Fan Zhilong, Long Jin

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