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Prof. Fu Kuncheng voices his views on South China Sea issues in Netherlands

XMUICE    Author:ICE    Public Date:2017-3-30

  From March 9-10 local time, Prof. Fu Kuncheng, the dean of South China Sea Institute, XMU, was invited to deliver speeches on the issues concerning South China Sea at the Utrecht University and University of Groningen Netherlands.

  On March 9th, Prof. Fu gave a speech entitled"A Misleading Award: Some Personal Comments on South China Sea Arbitration" , providing an in-depth analysis to the South China Sea Arbitration, and refuting the court´s ruling that denies China´s historical rights and sovereignty over the South China Sea.
  The next day, Prof. Fu was invited to attend the Seminar on Navigating in the South China Sea: Challenges and Opportunities, which was organized by the University of Groningen. At the seminar, Prof. Fu Kuncheng gave a keynote speech on the topic "Has China Negated Its Historic Rights by Tolerating Free Navigation and Implementing Sea Forbiddance?"

Edited by Fan Zhilong & Zhou Jin


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