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President of Taiwan Ocean University visits XMU

XMUICE    Author:ICE    Public Date:2017-3-17

  On the morning of March 7, a delegation headed by President Zhang Qingfeng of Taiwan Ocean University(TOU) paid a visit to Xiamen University. The trip aimed to promote the exchanges and research collaboration between TOU and XMU teachers and students in ocean-related fields. XMU President Zhu Chongshi held a meeting with the visitors.

  President Zhu Chongshi made the case that, based on the solid collaboration in the maritime domain, TOU and XMU could further expand and deepen the exchanges and cooperation in the future. Then he provided to the guests detailed information on the Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUM), including its founding background, construction plan, disciplines, staff and students, especially the China-ASEAN College of Marine Sciences. As a top-tier institution of higher learning for the study of seas and oceans in Taiwan, President Zhu hoped that TOU could support the development of the nascent disciplines of marine sciences of XMUM and Taiwan teachers are also welcome aboard this pioneering undertaking.
  President Zhang Qingfeng expressed his admiration and congratulation to XMU for its trailblazing establishment of the overseas campus. He said both TOU and XMU boast the strongest oceanic fields of study across the Straits, especially the marine chemistry and marine biology. If the two could further strengthen communication efforts, the collaborate results are sure to abound in the future. He also suggested that both universities could do more work together on the study of marine laws and join hands to advance the studies on the issues pertaining to South China Sea.

  Following the meeting, the delegation made a tour to the XMU Xiang´an Campus. President Assistant Chen Guanghui received the guests and gave them a detailed introduction to the construction and development of Xiang´an Campus. The delegation members also visited the College of Ocean and Earth Sciences (COES), and under the arrangement of Prof. Wang kejian, Dean of COES, they sat down with ten COES professors to engage in in-depth discussions about such topics as disciplinary distribution, staff recruitment, talent training. Both sides also exchanged views and reached many consensuses as regards the future models of partnership.

  Since 2014 when TOU and XMU signed the intercollegiate exchange agreement, some important accomplishments have been achieved, including multiple productive cooperation projects, frequent exchange visits of students as well as teachers from both sides who have been invited for lectures or symposiums. It is believed that, with great attention and common efforts, the future will see more substantive collaboration between the two, the disciplinary strengths of both universities are expected to climb to a new height.

Edited by Meng Ling

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