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Wang Luolin

XMUICE    Public:ICE    Datetime:2010/12/23

Speaker: Professor Wang Luolin, President of Institute of China´s Regional Economy, professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School, Dean of the Zhejiang University College of Economics,, and Adjunct Professor at Xiamen University and Jilin University.
On April 23rd, Prof. Wang gave a lecture entitled Maintaining Balanced and Rapid Economic Development and Accelerating the Transformation of the Mode of Economic Development.
"One of the pressing problems in China´s economic structure is an over-dependence on overseas market demand, which accounts for an ever greater percentage of GDP. Of the economic powers in the world, China is well-known for its heavy dependence on external demand. As a result, any turbulence in international markets will hit China´s economy hard. The current financial crisis is pushing us to restructure our economy, which will be good for the continued, steady growth of China´s economy in the long run."

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