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A series of Chinese Language and Culture Classes opened by the Confucius Institu 2014/06/07
Selected Chinese Embroidery Exhibition Held in METU Cultural Center 2014/01/02
Photo Exhibition for the Fifth Anniversary of METU Confucius Institute Establish 2013/12/09
The Third Local Chinese Teacher Training Conference Held in METU Confucius Insti 2013/12/09
The Third Turkish Local Chinese Teacher Forum Held in METU Confucius Institute 2013/12/09
Survey Group from Division of Teaching Materials of Hanban Visiting METU Confuci 2013/11/16
Closest Contact with Chinese Calligraphy ---- Experiencing Chinese calligraphy i 2013/10/28
2013 “Chinese Bridge for UK Schools” Study visit 21-28/9/13: Beijing and Shandon 2013/10/25
The Cardiff Confucius Institute celebrates 30 years of friendship between Cardif 2013/10/12
Chinese as Compulsory Course has been launched in Ayrancı High School, Anka 2013/09/22
Cardiff Confucius Institute celebrates the official opening of Confucius Classro 2013/07/31
University of Trier´s Confucius Institute hosts 2nd Tian Yuan Go Competiti 2013/05/29
Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University Holding "China Day" and 2013/05/27
Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University Welcoming Teachers and 2013/04/16
Training of Chinese Textbooks for Overseas Educational Officers Started in XMU 2013/03/27
Learners of Chinese from 9 Countries came to XMU for Chinese Courses 2013/03/27
Cardiff Confucius Institute hosted "Family Fun Day" Chinese Cultural workshops o 2013/03/11
Wales´ Creative Industries gather in Cardiff for Chinese Visual Communicat 2013/03/04
Confucius Institute at Cardiff University joined the Rt. Hon Carwyn Jones AM, Fi 2013/03/04
Cardiff Confucius Institute Participated in the 24th Language Show 2012 in Londo 2012/11/01
Hanban Hosts Opening Ceremony for Thai Principal Group Training Program 2012/10/25
University of Delaware Confucius Institute Hosts Mid-autumn Festival Party 2012/10/18
Dragon Up: Governors School for Excellence Students 2012/08/13
SDSU´s Confucius Institute wins ´Asian-Pacific American Heritage Mon 2012/06/19
Board Meeting of VUW´s Confucius Institute Held at XMU 2012/06/13
Spring Festival Gala at Confucius Institute co-established by XMU and SDSU 2012/03/08
Chinese learning essential in relations between South Africa and China 2011/12/01
Mandarin Learners in Stellenbosch University Attended Social Class 2011/09/16
International Food Evening: Where the Cultures Meet 2011/09/16
"Huawei Chinese Culture Summer Camp" Successfully Held in Turkey 2011/07/12
Confucius Institute at West Paris University holding Chinese Book Exhibition 2011/04/22
Confucius Institute at Victoria University holds Chinese Film Festival 2011/04/22
Confucius Institute at Cardiff University holds "Wales Primary and Secondary Sch 2011/04/15
Prince Charles Opens Wales´ First Confucius Classroom 2011/03/04
The First Joint Conference of Xiamen University and European Confucius Institute 2011/02/24
Deans of Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington attend Chinese 2011/02/21
A follow-up event of Creative Industries Forum hosted by Cardiff Confucius Insti 2011/02/16
Das Konfuzius ---- Institut offnete die Türen nach China 2011/01/31
XMU President Zhu Chongshi leads Delegates attend the Fifth Confucius Institute 2010/12/21
Saint Mary´s Opens Confucius Institute 2010/10/29
The University of Delaware celebrates opening of Confucius Institute 2010/10/28
Final selection round of German section of 9th Chinese Bridge competition 2010/05/27
XMU Vice-President Wu Daguang visits European Universities 2010/05/24
"China Weeks" and the "Welsh Baccalaureate" at the Confucius Institute at the U 2010/03/23
Vice-President Wu Daguang attends Council Meeting of Confucius Institute at Mae 2010/01/21
Meeting on placement of Confucius Institute Scholarship Students 2010/01/21
XMU President Zhu Chongshi attends 4th Confucius Institute Conference 2009/12/29
First management meeting of the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical Uni 2009/12/23
“Open day” for Anniversary of Confucius Institute at Trier University 2009/12/09
Confucius Institute at Mae Fah Luang University helps organise 8th Northern Thai 2009/11/17
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