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A series of Chinese Language and Culture Classes opened by the Confucius Institute at Newcastle University

XMUICE    Public:ICE    Datetime:2014-6-7

The Confucius Institute (CI) at Newcastle University opened a variety of Chinese language and culture classes at the end of April and early May 2014, which was done for satisfying the learning demand from the university staff and students, and the local school students and members of the public people. Its enrolment is around one hundred.

Under the active cooperation, the CI first opened 2 Chinese language classes in the biggest local Kenton High School, which was warmly welcomed by the school. The school especially chose some top students from different classes for the study. Some students even had the intention to take HSK Test and go to China in the future. The class was not only welcomed by the students, but also attracted quite a few staff. The CI also established Taiji Practice class for the school in order to satisfy their expectation of learning Chinese culture, and thus to promote Chinese culture.

At the same time, the CI opened Chinese taster sessions in 3 different schools. The CI teachers carefully prepared for the classes. They combined serious language teaching with interesting approaches, so as to help the students experience Chinese language and culture with ease. The students not only learned some basic Chinese expressions and also some Pinyin rules but also helped the students have a taste of some Chinese culture, such as ancient music, shuttle-cock, calligraphy and Taiji. The class atmosphere was easy and active, and was warmly welcomed by the students and staff. This established a good foundation for the promotion of Chinese language and culture in the local area.

Apart from the Chinese teaching in schools, the CI also opened Elementary Chinese and Taiji Practice evening classes in Newcastle University. That was done to satisfy the learning demand from its staff and the local members of the public. In September 2014, the CI will take part in the University Wide Language Programme and open Basic Chinese as a credit course. Apart from this the CI is also making preparation for opening Business Chinese for the Business School of Newcastle University.

In the future, the CI will actively try to satisfy the local Chinese learning demand and try to develop more channels for opening more Chinese language and culture classes, so as to make more contribution to promoting Chinese language in the local area.

A Chinese teacher is teaching Elementary Chinese for the public.

A Chinese teacher is practising Taiji with the staff members from Kenton School.

The Confucius Institute at Newcastle University

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