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Photo Exhibition for the Fifth Anniversary of METU Confucius Institute Establishment

XMUICE    Public:ICE    Datetime:2013-12-9

(Confucius Institute at Middle East Technology University Zhao Jianping

Photo exhibition for the fifth anniversary of METU Confucius Institute was held on the first floor of METU Informatics Institute on Nov. 30th.

Turkish Director Prof. Nazli addressed a welcome speech, briefly summarizing the establishment and development of Confucius Institute and expressing great expectations for the future. Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Turkey, Mr. Zihao Zhu also delivered an important speech. He spoke highly of the abundant achievements of Confucius Institute since its establishment and proposed several suggestions for its future development.

Over 60 photos were exhibited totally this time, which keep a good track of the glories of Confucius Institute in the past five year, under the partnership of Xiamen University and Middle East Technical University and the leadership of Hanban.

Approximately over one hundred people were attracted to attend this exhibition by the reputation, including teachers and students from METU, Ankara University and Erciyes University.

Photo 1 Exhibition Board

Photo 2 Turkish Director Talking with Journalist in the Exhibition Area

Photo 3 A Corner of Exhibition Area

(Translated by Lin Wang)

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