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Survey Group from Division of Teaching Materials of Hanban Visiting METU Confucius Institute

XMUICE    Public:ICE    Datetime:2013-11-16

A survey group, headed by Deputy Director of Division of Teaching Materials, Hanban Headquarter, Mr. Zhang Tonghui and Ms. Zhu Dan visited METU Confucius Institute, Jale Confucius Classroom, Ayranci High School and Metu High School. The survey group gave a full affirmation to Chinese teaching model of Metu Confucius Institute, which arranges from primary school to university and expressed high expectations for establishing a platform for deep communications between Chinese teachers assigned by Hanban Headquarter and Local Chinese Teachers in Turkey.

The survey group also held a deep conversation about work and life with teaching staff of Confucius Institute to encourage everybody to build an overall teaching pattern arranging from primary schools to universities as soon as possible, by drawing on collective wisdom.


Pic1:The Survey Group Holding a hot discussion
with Principal of Ayranci High School

Pic2:The Survey Group Visiting Ayranci High School

Pic3: The Survey Group Visiting Jale Confucius Classroom

(Confucius Institute at Middle East Technology University Zhao Jianping)

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