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Chinese as Compulsory Course has been launched in Ayrancı High School, Ankara, Turkey

XMUICE    Public:ICE    Datetime:2013-9-22

Confucius Institute at Middle East Technology University Zhao Jianping

´´´´On the 16th of Sep, 2013, the director of the Confucius Institute(CI) at Middle East Technology University(METU),Mr. Shanping Wang, together with the teachers at the CI, visited AyrancıAnadolu High School, a key public high school in Ankara, Turkey, and received warm welcome and reception from the deputy principals Mr. Sinan DAĞ and Kenan. Ayrancı High School is the first one of the kind that set Chinese as ompulsory course, whose mode of teaching can pose a good example to the others if the Chinese teaching runs well here. Both the high school and the CI attached great importance to the course, and they held an in-depth discussion on the issues like detailed curriculum and teacher choosing, etc.

´´´´With the company of the deputy principal, the CI teachers as well as Mr. Wang, attended the Chinese classes that were proceeding. The students raised questions about the language and the culture, and the CI teachers answered one by one clearly.

´´´´There is also a class learning Chinese as elective course besides two compulsory ones, which have 6 hours lessons per week. There are more 80 students taking the Chinese classes in Ayrancı High School. The Confucius Institute at METU will lend support in terms of sending teachers and textbooks, etc. to ensure making the best of it. The teacher from our Confucius Institute will start to teach in the school next week.

Pic 1. n the Classroom

pic 2. Learn Chinese

Pic 3. Ask questions


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