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XMU exhibition halls: Hidden history 2012/05/31
Xiamen University on the global stage 2012/05/25
A feast of Culture 2012/05/22
"Evenings with the Masters" Lecture series 2012/05/22
Overseas Students in XMU 2011/04/17
Pioneers in Education 2011/04/17
Tan Kah-Kee, the Founding Father of Xiamen University 2011/04/17
Lin Boqiang: Energy Economist 2010/12/21
Professor Ge Jiashu´s Unique Life in Accounting 2010/12/20
An Expert on Southeast Asian and Overseas Chinese Studies--Professor Zhuang 2010/06/25
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Coffee culture on campus: On the way to maturity 2012/05/31
Society of Zhu Xi Studies founded in XMU 2012/05/25
Xiamen University at 90 2012/05/22
Teatime Symposia- Sipping Tea and Savouring Life 2011/05/03
The Second Executive Workshop for Confucius Institute Directors 2010- Learn 2011/04/26
Xiamen University: bringing together outstanding talents and building acade 2011/04/26
Xiamen University´s Glorious Historical: Participant in 1926 Philadel 2010/12/23
27th Chinese Chemical Society Congress held at XMU- Creative Society and Re 2010/12/23
2010 Chinese Economist Society Annual Conference- The Role of China in the 2010/12/23
Cambridge Xiamen International Forum of "Success: on the theme Vision & 2009/12/08
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Lectures by the experts:Nobel Prize Winners and renowned academics celebrat 2012/05/22
Eighth IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation held in Xiam 2010/12/23
The Second National Symposium on Nanomaterials: Structure, Detection and Ch 2010/12/23
Vice-President Wu Daguang attends Third ASEAN-China Rectors Conference 2010/12/23
International Symposium on Bulk Metallic Glass (2010) held at Xiamen Univer 2010/12/23
Vice-President Wu Daguang attends Council Meeting of Confucius Institute at 2010/12/23
Sixth Meeting of GU8 Consortium Education Committee held at Xiamen Universi 2009/12/18
The First International Conference on Molecular Neurodegeneration (ICMN) he 2009/12/08
The 3rd George Bush Sino-US Relations Seminar 2009/04/11
International Conference on Viral Hepatitis:Past Accomplishments and Unfulf 2009/04/09
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Young dreamers, future tycoons 2012/05/31
XMU Teaching Stars: Winners of the 2011 Fujian Teaching Award 2012/05/25
Pursuing their dreams 2012/05/25
Xie Xide: A talented female physicist 2012/05/22
Professor Lu Jiaxi: Pioneer of Structural Chemistry in China 2012/05/22
A Rising Star in Chemistry- Professor Zheng Nanfeng 2011/04/26
Developing a Health Shield Professor Xia Ningshao 2011/04/26
Xiamen: magic place, magic people---By Professor Bill Brown 2011/04/26
Xiamen University Vice-President, Professor Wu Shinong wins 2010 Fudan Mana 2011/04/26
Professor Gregory Chow: Econometrician o XMU o Chow Test 2010/12/23
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Visions for the University: The Presidents of Xiamen University 2012/05/22
Academician Zhang Ze 2011/04/16
Professor Zhuang Guotu 2011/04/16
Professor Chad Mirkin of Northwestern University 2011/04/16
Professor Yang Deren 2011/04/16
Professor Li Mingbin of the Peking University Russian Department 2011/04/16
Professor Meng Jie of Peking University 2011/04/16
Professor Cheng Enfu 2011/04/16
Prof. Wei Xinghua 2011/04/16
Professor Wang Xingtian 2011/04/16

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